What if you had a plan? What if you had a roadmap for stepping into your purpose, leaving your job and building a thriving business?

It’s time to ELEVATE.

You have the power to turn your calling into the kind of money that will allow you to quit with confidence
Yes, it may seem impossible with the chaos happening in the world and I KNOW it feels overwhelming on top of the 9 to 5, your loved ones and everything else that keeps you busy.

I'm Ready

How do I know?

Because over the past year, I’ve heard it on Zoom, standing in line at Trader Joe’s and listened to dozens of women in my community having the same experience...

You spend hours everyday busy with other people’s sh--stuff, when you really want to sit down and figure out what you should write in a newsletter about your product/service.

You’re ready to get serious about your side hustle but the times you aren’t exhausted, you’re so worried about what others will think that you end up procrastinating. Again.

You’ve tried to figure it out by yourself, taken workshops and even tried copying what others have done and you still feel frustrated AF..

If you have to read another book or download another PDF... You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy without seeing real progress or money.


You my sister, are in the right place.

Are we meeting for the first time?

My name is Kysha Mitchell and I love turning up the fire in women by connecting them to what they are being called to do in the world AS ENTREPRENEURS.

Six years ago when I made the decision to put my words, my heart & 14 years of study on a vlog (translation: a blog with videos of me in my living room), I had no idea it would turn into a thriving business that would positively touch the lives of hundreds of women. Before that, I was deep in self-pity for what I believed were my "failures".

  • I knew I was blessed but constantly felt guilty for wanting MORE.
  • I was exhausted all the time because I was always "busy".
  • I had tons of ideas & juggled multiple roles but PROCRASTINATION & FEAR were always with me.
  • Something in me KNEW there was more waiting for me, that the REAL me needed to shine, and that I was meant to make a difference.

But - think Beyonce - I had to get in Formation!  I needed to make time for my calling, find the courage I'd used for so many other things, be around other like-minded women who were taking action and make money that would replace my income!

This experience, transformation principles that I've studied for more than a decade, the distinctly feminine tools I've used for the businesses I’ve owned and the methods I use to transform the lives of my clients all combine to form my business Elevate Your NOW and my signature Elevation System.

There is no shortage of business coaches or programs online. Having studied with some of the best, I can tell you there is no magic wand or magician. Just like the person who does your hair, your manicurist or tax person, you need someone who is an expert, does amazing work and who gets you.

Like you, I sat at my desk dreaming of one day having my own business.

Imagining myself inside my vision board only to get drowned by all the reasons it would never work. I understand the unique position of 

  • Working a 9 to 5 WHILE growing a business
  • Feeling called to start your business even though it may put your family at risk
  • Knowing others would long to have your job, but it isn't where you belong
  • The fear that comes up when you think about leaving a good a** paycheck for your dream

My Elevation System addresses the needs of an employed entrepreneur (and a business owner with an employee mindset).

Effort + Ease = Elevation

You deserve to:

Wake up every morning rested and EXCITED to build a business that will replace your salary because you have a clear plan, expert guidance and ongoing support.

To be seen as an expert in your industry and grow a community of loyal followers that market your brand for you!


Have control over your time and wealth potential so you can take excellent care of your family, treat yourself (yes, you deserve it) and have the freedom to travel or work when you’re at your best.

Imagine being able to experience this without burnout, feeling alone, or waiting another 5 years.


Increase Your Freedom, Purpose and Wealth as a Sustainable Entrepreneur


This is an opportunity. It’s the sign you've been waiting for and the community you need. Employee to Entrepreneur Elevation is an ongoing collective based on creating a personal exit strategy, implementing what you learn and receiving accountability for the results. Let’s get you out of the office and into your role as a BOSS.

How we set you up for SUCCESS

Accelerated Path

If you are ready to go full time in your business ASAP, you need to elevate your revenue quickly or if you are eager to learn & progress at a faster pace, we’ve created an Accelerated Path just for you that includes 1:1 and group coaching.

We are big on community

Why? Because studies have shown that women succeed faster and with more ease when on the journey together. We are also big on getting sh*t done! Which is why the collective and your business training will be held OFF social media on a platform you can access from your phone or computer.

Business and well being

Every month we do a live deep dive into topics that impact your business AND your well being. It is important that women are on their journey and meet their goals as whole, embodied, divine beings. We aren't leaving any aspect of you behind on the rise!

We walk our talk

You are here to implement, take action and make money (among other fulfilling things). We hold weekly fired-up coworking sessions and accountability anchors to keep you progressing toward your vision.

We will celebrate you

What is success if you don’t enjoy it? We like having fun and understand on a scientific and personal level how much women need release, appreciation and pleasure. Um, yes - more of that please!

"Sometimes we feel like we’re in life alone, and Kysha was definitely a pivotal part in helping me at a time that I needed a friend and an accountability partner, as well as a positive mindset to push me forward.

Kysha is a generous soul and a generous spirit. She made me feel valued, that she valued my money, my time, and me as an individual who she wanted to help and grow further."

Corinthia Peoples


WELCOME to the Elevation Roadmap that takes you from being stuck on the ground staring at the sky to cruising altitude in your business.


I am ready!

Embody the You Inside Your Vision Board

It's time to step out of the fog and into a clear Vision for a life you would love and the daily actions that make up the woman you are expanding into being.

Prioritize Your Purpose

You will design your calendar and manage your time based upon focus and aligned decisions that set you up for Success instead of self-sabotage.

Build Your Flight Plan

Commit to your business and/or niche! You'll create a personalized exit strategy (yes exiting your job) and a one-year journey of clear, aligned steps toward being a thriving business owner and beyond.


I am worthy!

F*ck Plan B

Get ready to unpack the real and imagined obstacles in your way so that you can commit to establishing your business and be held accountable to your revenue plan.

Unveil Your Expertise

Get visible! Unapologetically claim your expert status and get support to consistently promote your business online and in person.

Boldly Create a Love Affair With Money

Disintegrate money blocks, price based on value not fear and learn to SELL with confidence and grace.


I am powerful!

BE Instead of Become a Boss

Start being seen as authority in your industry as well as embodying leadership in all aspects of your life.

Focus Your Impact

Call in 100+ community members per month by understanding your target market and being crystal clear about your brand.

Leverage ALL of Who You Are

Build sustainable recurring revenue that will replace your paycheck by using your strengths, network & resources.

"Kysha Mitchell is a wonderful speaker and group facilitator!  She shares inspiring, actionable content and her positive energy is contagious.  Her style is friendly and approachable.  When she spoke to my group, several group members shared that they not only enjoyed learning from her but also had some major aha’s that would help them on their entrepreneurial journeys.  I would highly recommend Kysha as a speaker and workshop leader, especially for groups that want to leave feeling excited, uplifted, and energized."

Jenny Kassan

Included in the Collective

Business Building Monthly Intensives

We’ll go live on Zoom to teach a piece of the roadmap, facilitate breakthroughs and show you HOW to implement no matter what stage of business you’re in. You’ll also receive worksheets, checklists and mindset tools.They are carefully crafted so that you can take small or massive action without overwhelm or a fear of falling behind.

Special Guest Appearances

Each month I’ll dip into my inner circle of fabulous experts to bring the help you need in various areas of your business AND life. Just what you need, when you need it.

Access to our exclusive online community (My favorite!)

This is a perfect and necessary opportunity to connect with like-minded women on the same journey, ask questions, get coached, discuss the training, and maybe even vent (just a little). The EEE platform is designed similar to a facebook group without the distraction of social media. I think of this as the Inner Circle of support every powerhouse woman SHOULD have, but doesn't.

Fired-up weekly Coworking Sessions

Afraid you won’t be able to take the time required to build your business? We will not let you go out like that! Our clients MAKE the time (like you would for a doctor’s appt) and show up weekly to implement together!

Activation Work Retreat

We love to connect, have fun and GO DEEP. Our live in-person event will be exclusive to the collective and life-changing! It is an opportunity to deep-dive into marketing and sales, practice being visible and standing tall in your expertise and breakthrough the obstacles holding you back for good. Pending government/health restrictions, this event will happen live in the Fall of this year.

F.A.C.T.S. plan (Feminine Action Committed Toward Success)

You’ll create a simple, clear, actionable plan with Kysha’s signature process to keep you on track toward the freedom you deserve.

Recorded Coaching Calls

If you can’t make it live or need a refresher, you’ll have access to the library of live coaching calls as they happen so you can see the lessons in action. There is no falling behind!

If you are ready to go and go NOW, choose the

Accelerated Path ($597/month or $6,500 annually)

You’ll receive everything in the collective PLUS

1:1 Business & Mindset Coaching

A monthly opportunity to get Kysha’s eyes on your business, invaluable feedback and direct accountability! Share your wins, workplace issues, power goals, get unstuck, and get motivated to keep elevating.

(Value $3200)

Live Group Mastermind Coaching

In these monthly sessions, you’ll have a chance to ask questions, solicit feedback, get in hot seats focused on your growth and dive deeper into your specific challenges. You’ll also get the benefit of networking with other powerhouses and learning from their success as well.

(Value $4800)

Exclusive Live Event

Accelerated path members receive free registration  for our live work-retreat for deep-dive learning and connection, happening in the Fall of this year.


The Collective

$970 annually or

$97 monthly

Get two months free and a 90 minute on ramp call when you pay annually


Accelerated Path

$6,500 annually or

$597 monthly

Get one month free and a 90 minute on ramp call when you pay annually



Fast Action Bonus:

15-Minute 1:1 Session with Coach Kysha

Leaders make quick, confident decisions they feel in their gut (aka intuition). I love to reward the courage this takes. All you multi-passionate women? I got you, I AM you! This call will help you get off the hamster wheel and get clarity on what the main focus of your business should be in order to make the money you need to transition out of your 9 to 5.


Expires May 20th!

Guest Expert Masterclass:

Uncovering Your Personal Brand

This is an extra special example of the special guests that will be featured monthly in the collective. Nancy Marmolejo, an executive coach and keynote speaker who teaches leaders and entrepreneurs how to tap into their Deep Genius, has just what you need for Uncovering Your Personal Brand: Mining Your Own Life, Quirks and Genius to Market Yourself in a Bold and Unforgettable Way.

Annual Investment Bonus:

90-Minute Onramp Coaching Session

When you choose to invest in yourself at the annual rate, you are putting yourself in the arena, shouting LET’S DO THIS! I want to support that energy by getting you, your mindset and your business ideas set up for success. You will come out of this with an onramp plan for making money based on Clarity, Courage & Confidence. ($500)

"It’s been very powerful to be in this space, in the intimate group, and to have Kysha guiding us and leading us along the way. I just want to thank you, Kysha, so much - in addition to this program, you’ve supported me a lot, just reaching your hand out to pull me up and show me what’s possible in life.

I feel like it definitely was not a coincidence for me to be in your program at this time. I just appreciate you so much for everything you’ve done, above and beyond, to support not only myself but the other ladies, and everyone you come across."

Damali Robertson

Here’s what happens after you say yes to yourself by clicking that button!


You’ll be taken to an area with TWO paths to choose from and two ways to invest. You’ll choose your journey with any major credit card to complete your enrollment. 
Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your membership info (where to go, how to log in, etc). 
We are rolling out the red carpet for you on June 1st!
You'll get access to your bonuses and a few surprises ✨ before the doors open 💎


Elevate Your NOW is a fierce advocate for women owning their truth and answering their life's calling! We are on a mission to support 300+ women on the journey from employee (or an employee mindset) to being a successful, sustainable entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Expertise & Visibility and Focused Impact & RGAs were the two most helpful because they really pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to address some things I was avoiding on my own because of the discomfort. It was incredibly valuable to be challenged and held accountable by you and by the group. I feel like I grew an inch because of it. To push into these growth areas and to have the positive encouragement and support of other women was powerful."

Dominique Cowling

Why now?

Let’s get real for a moment. If you are still reading, your longing is driving you. Spirit is scrolling right now! 

Over this last year, I’ve watched my community, listened to my clients and listened to stories from women standing in line at stores (literally, all the time). I’ve heard how hard it is to stay focused on your goals, that women are tired of feeling stuck and underappreciated at work, obligated to support others instead of their own vision and they feel like time is running out for their dreams.

Employee to Entrepreneur Elevation is an ongoing collective created to provide support, motivation and expert guidance so that you can finally start the business you’ve been dreaming of and replace your paycheck with it! 

Yes, it is possible. How do I know? Because I’ve done it and taught dozens of women how to let go of their doubts and step into what the universe is calling them to BE, do and have.

It is possible and YOU are capable. You’re capable of more than starting and stopping every couple of years, more than just a side hustle and more than a dream that was pinned to your vision board more years than you care to count.

If not now, when?

This is your opportunity. It’s the sign you've been waiting for and the community you need.

Employee to Entrepreneur Elevation is an ongoing collective based on creating a personal exit strategy, implementing what you learn and receiving accountability for the results.

Freedom. Impact. Income.


However, be sure to add your name to the wait list today! If spots open up, you'll be the first to know AND you'll receive juicy success tips while we serve our current clients and prepare to open back up for you!